Yang Style Tai Chi

Every Monday from 5:30 - 6:30 we hold a traditional integrated Yang Tai Chi class.

Yang Style Tai Chi is the most popular Tai Chi in the world. This is the slow motion, gentle and meditative version of Tai Chi.

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Qi Gong (Re Shen Gong)

Every Monday from 6:30 - 7:00 PM we teach this robust version of Qi Gong.

Re Shen Gong approaches Qi flow from a physical and breath oriented direction. This set works on opening the joints and support tissue to allow for full flow of Qi.

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Chen Style Tai Chi

Every Monday from 7:00 - 8:00 PM we hold a traditional integrated Chen Style Tai Chi class .

Chen Style Tai Chi is the original Tai Chi and retains more of its martial beginnings. This version of the art is more robust, firmer and slightly faster.

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Silk Reeling

Every Tuesday morning from 10:30 - 11:30 PM we hold a Silk Reeling class at the Monterey Centre in Oak Bay (administered through Monterey Centre ).

Silk Reeling is a robust Taiji exercise system for opening the joints of the body and releasing the flow of Qi.

Great for balance and strength the real benefit of this exercise is getting our joints working again in an aligned body.

Tai Chi Conditioning

All of our classes are aimed at making students stronger and more supple.

The Taiji system approaches conditioning in a completely different manner than Western exercise systems. With an emphasis on suppleness and strength, gained without damage to the body, these exercises are particularly beautiful and a good robust workout.

Qi Gong

Currently we are teaching daytime and evening classes in Qi Gong. Daytimes we teach a dedicated Beginning Qi Gong class every Monday at 9:30 AM at Monterey Centre, contact them for prices.

We also teach an Experiences in Qi Gong class on Wednesday morning. Each session we go through 3 main sets of Qi Gong (Eight Section Brocade, Hunyuan Qi Gong and Yang Family Qi Gong). This is truly an experiential class where participants are exposed to these variations in the art so they can better understand this ancient health giving art.

Qi Gong is a fantastic health art with an emphasis on strengthening and healing the body as well as raising energy levels.

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