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Three Foundation Systems

To bring your health to its highest level and to achieve mastery of The Internal Arts there are three main systems we use; Meditation, Qi Gong and Taijiquan.

Qi Gong contains elements of Meditation and Taijiquan contains elements of both. If you only practise Taijiquan you may still become quite proficient but without a very good teacher guiding you your progress will either stall or be slower than necessary.

Meditation combines breath control and mental focus. It is the best exercise to isolate the Release of body tension and does so in a setting where we do not have to be concerned with complex physical movement.

Qi Gong builds on Meditation and combines physical movement with breath control and mental focus. It also introduces the concepts of Rooting, whole body movement and Internal stretching.

Taijiquan contains all of the above concepts and builds on them by introducing complex physical postures. To maintain breath control, mental focus, rooting, whole body movement and internal stretching while performing complex physical postures.

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Taiji and Qi Gong

The relationship between these two arts has been going on since the creation of Taijiquan by Chen Wanting who lived from 1580- 1660. It is believed that his breakthrough was to combine the existing martial art of Chen village with meridian theory, Qi Gong, Chinese Traditional Medicine and Taoist principles.

He was successful in creating a martial art who’s movements and theories owe a lot to the principles of Qi movement in the body as developed through the practise of Qi Gong.