Chen Taiji was developed in the 17th century in Chen Village. The first person we can verify as  a major contributor to the creation of Chen Taiji is Chen Wang-ting (1580–1660).

From an existing martial art practiced in the village he had the thought of combing martial art with the philosophy of The Tao and its theory of Yin Yang transformation. To do this he studied Chinese Medicine, Meridian Theory and Qi Gong. The art he created became known as one of the most powerful and health giving arts ever created in China.

My experience with Chen Taiji began with Master Zhang Xue-Xin who still lives and teaches in San Francisco. His teacher was the famous Internal Martial artist, Grand master Feng Zhiqiang who I was fortunate enough to interview and work with in Beijing.

From that beginning I was even more fortunate to connect with people in the Chen Fa-ke, Hong Junsheng tradition. Grand master Hong was the longest term student of the legendary Chen Fa-ke.

Grandmaster Liu with Hong Junsheng

Currently I am working with Sifu Stan Tabor of Boston and his teacher, Grand master Liu ChengDe of Jinan, China.